SERVICES2FULLCHARGE4ACCOUNTS PAYABLE:  Our professional staff is equipped to manage all aspects of your business’s accounts payable functions, including bill payment, analysis of vendor statements, reconciliation of accounts, as well as price and term negotiations.

ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE:  BR Business Solutions can streamline your accounts receivable processes through timely and accurate invoicing, recording of associated sales transactions, and processing of customer payments. Improve cash flow management through weekly, dependable reports on outstanding customer balances and due dates.

FINANCIAL STATEMENTS:  Birch Run Business Solutions can accurately and easily generate financial statements that provide a reliable snapshot of your company’s financial position at any point throughout the year. Our financial reporting offers a comprehensive view of the business’s assets and liabilities (balance sheet), profits and losses (income statement), and associated changes in cash flow (statement of cash flows).

BANK RECONCILIATIONS:  Birch Run Business Solutions provides routine analysis of your banking statements to ensure they accurately reflect the internal financial reporting of the company. Our staff will quickly and reliably identify and resolve any discrepancies that may arise between the bank’s records and the business’ records.

CREDIT CARD RECONCILIATIONS: Our bookkeepers will thoroughly check and verify the integrity of data between any credit card statements and the company’s internal financial records, locating any inconsistencies between the two. When discrepancies are found, our bookkeepers identify the problem and take the necessary corrective action.

YEAR-END SERVICES: At year-end, our bookkeepers provide 1099s for independent subcontractors and employee W2s.  Additionally, our staff will compile and prepare year-end financial statements for your review. Birch Run Business Solutions will also coordinate and communicate with your CPA or tax adviser regarding your year-end tax filing and returns.

INVENTORY ACCOUNTING:  Members of our staff have extensive history working as bookkeepers and accountants in the retail sector. We can proficiently manage reliable inventory records and provide periodic reports to ensure that your company’s inventory count accurately reflects sales.

CUSTOMIZED FINANCIAL REPORTING:  We can provide customized financial reports designed to track targeted aspects of your company’s finances. Specialized reporting allows you to analyze your company’s financial data based on an almost limitless selection of parameters. View reports on:  revenue by customer, revenue by business segment, profitability of individual jobs, budget to actual cost comparison, sales by inventory item, expenses by vendor, year-to year sales comparison and any number of other criteria.PAYROLLBirch Run Business Solutions can process your payroll using QuickBooks accounting software, or coordinate with your third party payroll service provider. Both options include recording of your company’s gross wages, employer taxes, and other payroll expenses. Services also include filing of payroll tax returns.

NONPROFITOur experienced staff is well versed in the unique bookkeeping needs of non-profit organizations. Gain valuable insight into the financial health of your organization through our dependable financial reporting. With Birch Run Business Solutions, you can be confident that board members and management are being presented with an accurate, clear picture of the organization’s financial situation.  Additionally, our staff can perform annual audit preparation and will coordinate with your independent auditors to facilitate a smooth and problem-free audit process.

CLEAN-UPBirch Run Business Solutions specializes in resolving the complex bookkeeping issues that are causing your financial records to be inaccurate or incomplete. Services include (but are not limited to): reclassifying transactions, correcting misapplied customer and vendor payments, and resolving discrepancies in bank and credit card reconciliations. As certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors, our bookkeepers can also assist with problems specific to your accounting software.

CATCH-UPBirch Run Business Solutions provides backlog bookkeeping and catch-up accounting services for previous months or years. Our professional bookkeepers will make sure your company’s financial records are up-to-date and in good order. Services include processing of all unrecorded transactions, reconciling of bank and credit card accounts, and generating of key financial reports.


We offer professional Quickbooks set-up and installation services. Our certified Quickbooks ProAdvisors can assess your company’s current bookkeeping system and help select the appropriate software settings and preferences for your particular industry. Services include entering of all relevant financial data and company information, accurate set up and loading of chart of accounts, and ensuring correct starting date and opening balances to facilitate smooth transition from old system.


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